To help make your spending a truly rewarding experience, we present to you Tuggys Travel’s Membership Loyalty Program – a special privilege program that provides you with exclusive promos, deals, discounts and freebies.

The Program enables you to get discounts & freebies from establishments and partners we’ve tied up with and up to an extra 40% discount on travel deals.

To avail of the exclusive perks and privileges of the Loyalty Program, just present your Tuggys Travel Privilege Card together with your valid ID to the partner establishment or coordinate with us.




  • Tuggys Travel Treats
    • The Privilege Card is part of Tuggys Travel Treats which enables you to get discounts &  freebies from establishments and partners we’ve tied up with.
  • Value Perks
    • As a welcoming gift, we’re giving new and renewing members a set of discount coupons / vouchers from our partners for you to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Promos
    • All year-round, there are exciting promos – including discounts, gifts and raffle prizes lined up for you
  • Tuggys Travel Deals
    • Tuggys Travel Deals gives you exclusive access to great discounts from our monthly mailshot & our online deals




  • Personal Travel Insurance from Blue Cross
    • Get a discount on personal travel insurance


We are continuously teaming up with awesome partners so make sure you regularly visit this page to know more about the perks you’re entitled to.



How long is the Privilege Card valid for?

Membership for Tuggys Travel’s Loyalty Program is valid for 1 or 2 years from date of application, depending on the type of membership you signed up for.


How do I sign-up for the Privilege Card / Loyalty Program?

Please click to this link to sign-up. Upon sign-up, you will be notified via email regarding options for delivery or pick-up of the Welcome Kit.


What do I get when I sign-up?

Your Welcome Kit will be ready for delivery or pick-up in 3-4 weeks. It includes your personalized Privilege Card, a Member’s Guide, your free travel pack from Human Heart Nature, your discount coupons and a copy of Tuggys Travel’s Latest Deals.


If my card/membership expires, how do I renew it?

Be sure to renew your membership before expiration in order to continue enjoying Tuggys Travel’s Loyalty Privileges. To renew, pay the renewal fee of Php4,950 (1 year) or Php6,950 (2 years) at our office or at our Travel Desk or you may contact us for any other arrangement options.

Your renewed card will be available in 2-3 weeks via shipping (within Philippines), pick-up (at our office or at our Travel Desk) or you may contact us for any other arrangement options.