Your Social Tourism Visits Give These Children Another Chance

What begins as a journey of hope becomes a quest for freedom from poverty in all its forms–materially, and in mind and spirit.

Here’s How We Help Children

Gawad Kalinga runs a “Farm Village University” called GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. GK Enchanted Farm is a social enterprise incubator and a social tourism hub. GK Enchanted Farm is home to a host of growing social enterprises. This included Bayani Brew, Plush & Play, First Harvest, Golden Duck, and Gourmet Keso. It is also home to School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) Philippines, a school that aims to eradicate poverty through agriculture, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. SEED’s program runs for 2 years and its curriculum was co-developed with TESDA and the farm’s international partners.
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Your help is a blessing beyond understanding
for the less fortunate and WILL change a child’s life!

Our Partnership Extends Beyond Boundaries

  • We are an exclusive partner for social tourism.
  • There are hundreds of children who need help.
  • Help Build a better future together with Tuggy.
  • Learn and teach children at risk how to succeed.
  • Learn how giving back impacts the children’s lives.
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