Welcome to the BEST TRAVEL AGENCY WEBSITE in the Philippines. Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support for the last 7 years, from the Philippine Department of Tourism (Chicoy Enerio) who help spearhead my first ever ABTA Philippine Publication, to all the Expat friends/clients who continually endorsed me to new arrivals to South East Asia and especially the Philippines. So to celebrate this we have put this exciting new website together to help you choose the perfect holiday for you and the holiday you deserve at the best prices available.

Of course with the launch of the new site we also have some exciting new categories but still bringing you “High End Resorts – Low End Prices” like no other travel agency in the Philippines can. So let me talk you through the site.

Home Page

Let’s start with the Social Tourism… You can visit the Enchanted Farm.

Gawad Kalinga runs a “Farm Village University” called GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. GK Enchanted Farm is a social enterprise incubator and a social tourism hub. GK Enchanted Farm is home to a host of growing social enterprises. This included Bayani Brew, Plush & Play, First Harvest, Golden Duck, and Gourmet Keso. It is also home to School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) Philippines, a school that aims to eradicate poverty through agriculture, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. SEED’s program runs for 2 years and its curriculum was co-developed with TESDA and the farm’s international partners.

Sports Tours

With a number of sports to choose from, you will be pleased to learn sports you can come to the Philippines and we can get you access to play against club level players , teams and in some sports we can even get you to play against National, International and Asian Gold Medal winners! Thanks to Nomads, Phil Gittus, Matt Freeston & Bill Bailey Chairman of the Manila 10’s we our proud to have been the Official Travel Agent for the last 6years of the Best Social Rugby Tournament in the World!

Two Hours From Manila

Well this is one of the things we are most excited about. The Philippines is of course an amazing place to travel, however like any developing country its infrastructure is constantly playing catch up and a common email/call to my team over the recent years has been how long it can take to get actually get to the resorts from door to door. We understand it can really be exhausting especially with kids on just a short 3 Days/2 Nights trip. So we have put together some really cool places that you get to within just two hours from manila by car and even by Sea Plane including transfers guaranteed!

Latest Deals

We are expecting this to be the most visited part of our website. This is truly what we are known for and will continue to raise the bar bringing value for money, new places to visit as well as still providing the exceptional personal touch that Online Travel Agencies will always struggle to provide and whilst being based here in Manila most Travel Agencies outside of the Philippines will always find it hard be on hand 24/7 for our clients.


This is also an integral part to the site. Sometimes we have exceptional deals that we can not always post online, be it holidays or discounts at restaurants, tourist attractions etc. However if their logo is there then that means we work with them, and there will be a good chance we will have what you are looking for.

Privilege Card

This a brand new adventure or ours designed to maximize discounts for our regular clients. This will be an on going development over the next few months whilst we develop more value to the card and we expect the first Privilege Card to available to purchase starting 3rd quarter (July 1st)… keep revisiting the blog for updates as more partners come on board.

Property & Long Stay

Whilst we focus on holidays, the question is… how long is a holiday? We are continually asked for extra discounts for staying 1-6 months and in truth very few people ever want to stay in a hotel/resort for more than a month and hotels always have a yield on the price they can offer. So for our clients who have a section dedicated to bringing you the best contacts in the Philippines for longer stay and even purchasing property. Myself and my team are not property advisers but we are the most connected travel agency in the Philippines when it comes to having contacts in the property market.