Gazing from its shores, one cannot deny that the Busuanga Bay Lodge is a luxury in itself. Blessed by pristine beaches, serene diving sites, secluded coves and an amazing feat of World War II shipwrecks, Busuanga Bay will surely keep your senses heightened and in awe. After all, it is nestled in one of the country’s prime resort destinations, Coron, Palawan.
Equipped with Bermuda-inspired rooms, a stay at the Busuanga Bay Lodge will surely impress and amaze you, at the same time, give you a sense and feeling of a luxurious home away from home. Families, lone travelers and couples alike can enjoy a glamorous stay in any of its plush, cozy rooms.

It features a high-standard spa, catered to soothe guests off of their stress and offers after-suntreatments, a superb restaurant and bar that offers both international and local dishes, and a conference room facing its temperature-controlled Wine Cellar, for private meetings, seminars and the like. Guests can also enjoy water sports along its waters and bask on its shores for that perfect tan.